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Busara Small Hoop Earring With Beaded Disk

Busara Small Hoop Earring With Beaded Disk

£120.00 GBP

This product is ready made and available for immediate dispatch from our USA shipping location. All pieces are packaged with careful sanitation to ensure your safety. While the usual wait time on the making of this product has been eliminated, delivery may be slightly delayed due to the current pandemic. We ask that you bear with us as we endeavor to get your order into your hands as quickly, and safely, as possible. 

By purchasing this item, you help to provide Maasai women with a living wage, allowing them to care for their families. You help to provide regular social programs for our team on health, rights, and life skills. You help enable Maasai women and girls to go on to help their community.


busara :: wisdom

[ zircon ]

In a time where compassion and guidance towards the future are needed, the oldest mineral on earth can be worn for support.

Zircon is known to be over 4 billion years old. In the middle ages, it was used to help with sleep, prosperity, honor and wisdom.

The stone is still believed to have powerful abilities. It is said to be able to increase self-love and love for others, as it opens the heart up to compassion.

Zircon is also known to create feelings of inspiration and motivation, as well as giving guidance when guidance is needed, and therefore helps the wearer achieve their goals in life.


[ description ]

1.25"14K Gold fill hoop earrings. Adorned with a (0.3125" diameter) wire wrapped Zircon disk and single 14K gold fill bead.


dunia :: earth

[ precious gem collection ]

The Maasai have lived in harmony with the earth for as long as they have been alive, walking miles through the savannah in silence and solitude, with only their cattle and their thoughts as company.

Imagining the peace felt as long strides are taken towards the horizon, the grounding sensation of soil beneath their feet, and the warmth of the African sun on their back, lead us to dream up our DUNIA collection. These limited edition  pieces are made from the precious gems that our earth produces naturally, which hold healing powers that can bring peace to one’s heart.

This collection has been sitting quietly, waiting for the moment to show itself. In light of the collective anxiety felt across humanity today, it seemed it was time to share these calming totems from nature that have been handmade by Maasai women, who know our earth so well.

This collection is a celebration of the earth, and an aspiration to be more like the Maasai tribe, holding ourselves with grace and peace during hard times, and being one with our earth.

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