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Design Your Own BEADED Wall Hanging

Design Your Own BEADED Wall Hanging

£325.00 GBP

Connect with the Maasai from your own home by co-creating a beaded wall hanging together with our beaders that you can treasure forever. A talking point in your home for years to come.

Designing your own wall hanging with us will allow you to travel into the world of the Maasai, to experience a part of their culture, and take part in the preservation of traditional Maasai beading. You will be a central part of the journey of the creation of your own signature piece of art.

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Your canvas:

Your piece will take on the signature Sidai aesthetic of a beaded design onto a background of white beadwork. The keeps your piece authentic; reflecting traditional Maasai beadwork in Tanzania where white is the most prominent colour used. 

The technique used to create your design is one of the most traditional, well known Maasai beading techniques. We have dubbed it the ‘Warrior’ technique, as it is typically used to create jewelry for Maasai warriors. The technique uses recycled thread salvaged from old grain sacks, which is rolled together and repurposed into an extremely strong thread for beading. Using this thread, rows upon rows of beads will form your piece.

Dimensions: 6" x 20" (beaded section only)


Where you come in:

Upon purchasing you will be emailed a design package with clear details and steps to build your very own signature design, right down to selecting your design’s details and finishing touches. Do you want tassels? Perhaps you want 20 shells, or 3 brass coils? Anything is possible as you start to build out your design with the Design Sheet and Design Kit we send you.

You do not need to be a designer, we’ve got your back. The experience includes a kick off zoom call with our design team to help guide the process. You will be fully supported in the design of your very own wall hanging.

What you get:

  • A Certificate stating the journey you are about to embark on, which you can simply email to your loved one if you are gifting the experience.
  • A Design Sheet to draft your design.
  • A Design Kit with explanations about Maasai beadwork and materials used, a step by step guide to building your design, and visual resources to help guide you.
  • 1 x 20 minute Kick Off Zoom Call with Sidai Designs design team and the Maasai beader who will make your design, and open communication pathways with our design team during the process. 
  • Photo of the Maasai beader who made your piece, holding your design proudly! 
  • The Sidai Designs Story Book 
  • A Signed Card and Note from the Maasai beader who made your design.
  • Your Wall Hanging, of course!
  • Shipping costs from Tanzania are included in this price.

When do you get your piece?

Your kick off Zoom call can be scheduled from any time after January 4th.

From there, your piece will take up to 6 weeks to construct. We estimate that you can expect to receive your piece 12 weeks from your kick off call.

We appreciate your patience and understanding that you are buying more than just an item. You are buying a collaborative experience where you get to see behind the scenes of the process involved in working with artisans. Our beaders are using time-honoured techniques to create a handmade design that will be exclusive to you so please do remember, “Rome wasn't built in a day”!

The final piece will be non-refundable, so please ensure you take advantage of your zoom call with us and the ability to keep in touch with us along the way so that your final piece is as close as possible to your vision.

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