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Feed a Maasai mama's family of up to 10 for a MONTH

Feed a Maasai mama's family of up to 10 for a MONTH

£70.00 GBP

Thank you for landing here! You are here because you want to support a Maasai mama for Mother’s Day by buying her a gift in the form of food essentials to get her family of up to 10 people through the next month.

With this purchase, you will be supporting a woman like Koko Sion.

Koko Sion is a beader at Sidai Designs, who works with us on a per piece basis. She has been with us for many years, since the very start. Beading with Sidai Designs is the only source of income Koko Sion has. She has no livestock, which is a common method of saving for the Maasai, and she has no other savings as she has a serious health situation that she has used her savings on. She has 10 people depending on her. For all of these reasons, Koko Sion is high on our priority list to support right now.

Please note, your purchase will go to Koko Sion or a woman with similar needs. Money raised will be distributed where possible across the women most in need on our priority list. The more money we raise, the further we move through the list and the more Sidai beaders we can financially support during these uncertain and frightening times. 

Why you should support a Maasai Mama this Mama’s Day

It takes a village to raise a child, and our Maasai mamas at Sidai Designs know this all too well. In a Maasai village, the task of raising children falls onto the women, which they approach as a team and with great pride - being a mother is one of the most precious gifts to a Maasai woman, as it is mothers around the world. If one woman is struggling, the others do extra chores or contribute more money to help her. As Maasai women get older and their co-wives start to pass away, they are often left as the sole providers of up to 15 dependants or more. One might say that instead of a village raising the children, one woman is sometimes raising the village alone.

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, many of our Maasai mamas are currently not able to make an income to support their villages or provide for their children. This could be because her main sources of income (additional to Sidai) require her to be in town, and now that she has left for the safety and isolation of her far away village, being in town is no longer possible. Perhaps she is not able to bead with Sidai right now because of the lack of work in these uncertain times, particularly with so many wholesale order cancelations (among other challenges).

This Mama’s Day, we are asking our followers to be the village that supports Maasai women to provide for their children. We are asking you to take the burden of survival off her shoulders, just for a week or a month. We are giving you the chance to lighten a Maasai mama’s load, allowing her to support her family a little bit better next week than she could this week.

How it works

ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO DIRECTLY TO THE WOMEN. There will be no cost for administration, delivery, our team distributing or any other overhead. This is a chance for you to directly support Maasai women.

You’ll get a little something special in your inbox that shows that you have given to Sidai Designs to support to their mamas. Make sure you check your junk mail!

‘Ashe Naleng’! A big ‘thank you’ in Maa for your support, from the mamas and the whole team at Sidai Designs.

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