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Jasiri Long Necklace With Pendant [ labradorite ]

Jasiri Long Necklace With Pendant [ labradorite ]

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jasiri :: brave

[ labradorite ]

Feel supported in a shifting and changing world and find the strength to persevere with this stone held close.

Discovered in Newfoundland, legend has it that the Northern Lights exist within this stone - causing the iridescent quality it possesses.

A stone of transformation, Labradorite is a useful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance. It protects the aura, raises consciousness and grounds spiritual energies.

Labradorite aids in concentration, clarity, courage, understanding one’s life purpose and removing negative energy and attachments. It brings calm and balance, and comfort and relief to those who are overworked.


[ description ]

32" Long Labradorite necklace with 14K gold fill beads and findings. Adorned with a 14K gold plated emblem pendant (1").


dunia :: earth

[ precious gem collection ]

The Maasai have lived in harmony with the earth for as long as they have been alive, walking miles through the savannah in silence and solitude, with only their cattle and their thoughts as company.

Imagining the peace felt as long strides are taken towards the horizon, the grounding sensation of soil beneath their feet, and the warmth of the African sun on their back, lead us to dream up our DUNIA collection. These limited edition  pieces are made from the precious gems that our earth produces naturally, which hold healing powers that can bring peace to one’s heart.

This collection has been sitting quietly, waiting for the moment to show itself. In light of the collective anxiety felt across humanity today, it seemed it was time to share these calming totems from nature that have been handmade by Maasai women, who know our earth so well.

This collection is a celebration of the earth, and an aspiration to be more like the Maasai tribe, holding ourselves with grace and peace during hard times, and being one with our earth.

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